Nostalgic clothing for contemporary women

We believe that slow living, just like during the old times, can help tackle the problems of fast fashion. That’s why we produce small batch classics inspired by Grandma’s favorite wardrobe staple - the Samfu - using only quality rescued fabrics which were otherwise destined for landfills.

Stay rooted with us. Read the Samfu story.

Our inspiration

Our grandmothers knew sustainability better than us. Growing up, they could rarely afford to purchase new fabric to make new clothes. 

Since fabric was so precious, it was only practical to create the most functional and versatile style out of the fabric. Preferably, the cut would also be elegant and airy for the summer heat but not too revealing. The Samfu (pronounced some-foo) became the perfect go-to silhouette!

Photo courtesy of Sha Ying

Nostalgic. Sustainable. Chic.