Dear Samfu turns 3! Walk down memory lane with us.

Dear Samfu turns 3! Walk down memory lane with us.

Dear Samfu turned 3 in May! Here's a look at our favorite moments.

9 May 2020 - Dear Samfu had been more than a year in the making. Stuck in lockdown, we launched Dear Samfu out of our bedroom.

On launch day, Mum finally realised that her daughters' were building a REAL brand - she had thought we were joking all along! We legit sold a grand total of... ONE Not Long Ago shirt to a friend. We laughed at how this was going to be a long, arduous journey. 

December 2020 - Our first festive collection, Dear Sister, was such a hit. We remembered experimenting with the Big Sister silhouettes as a dress for the longest time - and finally deciding to make it a two-piece set instead. So happy that worked out perfect~

October 2021 - Grandma's Secret Remedy,  our first t-shirt and collaboration with brilliant San Francisco based artist Joey Chu. These tees sold out in less than 24 hours. We brought them back two more times and shipped them to over 10 countries~ We even made totes and tea towels together.

April 2022 - Our first ever Boutique Fairs. We met many of you IRL for the first time.

October 2022 - Dear Samfu made it to the runway!

November 2022Juggling full time jobs and Dear Samfu was not easy. We seriously considered having a little hiatus, but your overwhelming response to our CNY collection 'Dear Moments' gave us the much needed boost to carry on! 

Invigorated by your love for Dear Samfu, we realised we just had to believe in Dear Samfu and keep going. 

January 2023 - We visited our makers in Cambodia for the first time, and came back excited for the future of Dear Samfu.

March 2023 - We brought back archived silhouettes in new colours - SunlitWe loved it, and you did too <3

How time flew! We wouldn't have come to where we are without you. 

3 years of Dear Samfu, in honor of Papa (9 May 1953- 5 Dec 2010)

Trixie and Theresa

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