This is Fashion Revolution: Honoring Our Makers

This is Fashion Revolution: Honoring Our Makers

In January 2023, we traveled for the first time to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to meet our makers. Since our launch during the pandemic, we had communicated with A and the team remotely. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed with excitement to finally meet the lovely team in person. 

Our makers had just moved to a bigger shophouse with better ventilation. This water dispenser might not look like much, but A proudly told us how her investment in a water filtration system was expensive, but it meant that they did not need to rely on giant round plastic refills in the long run, bringing them one step closer to eliminating plastic in their workshop.

A also took heart to care for the growth and wellbeing of every maker, ensuring they were paid living wages. She taught them sewing techniques, and made sure they were not stuck doing the same thing repeatedly like they would in a mass production facility.

Who Made My Clothes

S and me

This is S, production and merchandising manager. S brought us fabric shopping at the deadstock fabric market, and we were blown away by her ability to differentiate fabric compositions and qualities. Knowing that we preferred working with natural fabrics, she brought around her lighter, burn testing swatches to check that they were 100% cotton. S remarks, "I like my leader. She trained me, an accounting grad who knew nothing about clothing manufacturing into a production and merchandising manager". ⁠

This is M, the head sewer. M is of few words, task-oriented, caring and well-loved by everyone. As the head sewer, she is often seen training the newer seamstresses.⁠

Who Made My Clothes


Every piece of clothing matters - M and S beamed as they reflected on how working in this humble workshop was like family.

This Fashion Revolution, be part of the change - ask your favorite brands #WhoMadeMyClothes and support #ResponsibleFashion that empowers the people behind our clothes. Thank you for joining us on in our pursuit of ethical fashion.


Trixie and Theresa

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