This is why I associate the samfu with prudence and humility.

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But sometimes, the classics stay timeless for a reason.

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Taking a leaf out of grandma's closet

Go Grandma

Again, the story is sweet.

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Dear Samfu is quite the singular label.

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"Dear Samfu offers a modern, thoughtful re-interpretation of the timeless yet comfortable Samfu pieces worn by our grandmothers."

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"The high quality and time-tested style of these matching sets makes them an excellent staple for the conscious consumer’s closet."

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The Inspired Co

August 2020

"This isn’t just your grandmother’s old clothes, it is your grandmother’s clothes."

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"Comfy, breezy, and surprisingly easy to style up."

Loungewear baby

"Essentially, it’s all about celebrating being female, and who better to be inspired from than our doting grandmas?"

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